Veterinary Incubation Foundation (VIF) @ TANUVAS - A Section 8 company of Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CIN No. U73100TN2018NPL123600)
Veterinary Incubation Foundation (VIF) @ TANUVAS
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
Ground Floor, CUL Building
Madhavaram Milk Colony
TANUVAS, Chennai - 51
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1. Tropical Animal Genetics Pvt.Ltd., Gurugram
Tropical Animal Genetics Pvt. Ltd., (TAG) is a biotechnology company pioneering innovations in the field of animal sciences. Our goal is to ensure that future generations have a sustainable and affordable supply of animal protein. Our specialization includes Animal Genetics (Bovine), Embryo Technology, Semen Sorting, IVF, In Vitro Breeding; Technology enabled AI ecosystem (TAI), Lactation induction in barren animal, Animal Health, Dairy Farming & Poultry
2. Chimertech Innovation LLP, Vellore
Chimertech Innovations LLP focus on developing rapid, point of care and non-invasive theranostic technologies catering to the needs of healthcare providers and farmers with precision and cost-efficiency as the prime objectives.
3. Jeshron Biotech Solutions Pvt.Ltd., Chennai
Jeshron Biotech Solutions Pvt Ltd focus on developing Nanoparticle coated surface disinfectant, Wound healing smart bandage for veterinary application, Novel biodegradable packaging solution for meat products with sensing capabilities able to determine the quality of fresh meat. Innovative solutions provider for farmers consumer to overcome challenges, to enhancing the health of farm & companion animals.
4. Illume Gene India LLP, Bangalore
Our purpose is to enable one stop solution to complex life science investigation, by simplifying the supply chain, with clear outlook on highest quality in our offerings. To drive sustained expansion in our offering we are actively forging collaborations with global scientific organizations and OEM partnerships.
Vision: To be seen as a one-stop for a Life-Sciences lab, who provides high quality and cost-effective tools for the research scientist. Illume Gene India LLP is always at your service for all your scientific endeavours that brings difference to the world that we live in.
Mission: Reliable Partner for all the Stake Holders with Quality Products and Services with Affordable Price Point. We launched the door-step diagnostic service for detection of haemoprotozoan parasites in canines in association with TRPVB and VIF@TANUVAS.
5. SCADA Geoinformatics Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Animal health monitoring is the biggest problem faced by farmers especially in animal farms. IoT devices will help monitoring in animals Realtime. Wearable IoT devices is our innovation. Our innovation will help to monitor the animals Realtime and provide the information about the health condition of farm animals.
6. Praani Plus, Chennai
Praani Plus, a startup company, is working on introducing technological advancement of information sciences to veterinary science. In pet care service sector, the resources are scattered. We are working on bringing all stake holders on a single platform. We intend to interlink the pet owners, vet practitioners, pet care service providers and pet food suppliers.
7. Dvara E-Dairy Solutions Private Limited, Chennai
Dvara E-Dairy solutions is one of the initiatives of Dvara Trust. More than 90% the cattle population in India is with small dairy farmers and there are 70 million rural households whose primary source of income is from dairy. However, the penetration of cattle loan and insurance is 6% and 4% respectively. We provide solution for cattle identity (tamper-proof, unique digital identity based on muzzle identity), cattle scoring and cattle health management leveraging new age technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The digital solution enables small dairy farmers access to financial products, manage cattle in a scientific manner to increase their income. Dvara E-Dairy solution partners with financial institutions to scale their cattle portfolio.
8. TranScience Innovative Technologies, Chennai
Vaccine and Medical Device Start-up company
Founded in 2020, TranScience is a manufacturer of Medical Device, Vaccine and Research and Development services. In COVID 19 Pandemic, we have manufactured Viral Transport Medium and Real Time Multiplex PCR Kit for COVID 19 testing. TranScience is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 company. Our team working on veterinary diagnostic devices, Microbiology products. We have a dedicated team for manufacturing of medical products with industrial experience.
Details of Innovative products developed
1.Real Time PCR Kit (Multiplex Covid-19)
2.RNA Extraction Kit
3.Viral Transport Medium(VTM)
Supplied VTM (ICMR & CDSCO Approved) to the TNMSC, Tamil Nadu Govt.
9. Ariviya Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Thanjavur
Ariviya is a deep tech Startup for animal healthcare, which uses science to solve a real-world problem using novel technologies like nanotechnology, biotechnology & polymer technology. It invents drugs, disinfectants, and sensors using Nano-biopolymer technology.
10. Diagnomics (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Diagnomics (OPC) Pvt, Ltd is concerned with the R&D, production and services of Innovative Molecular Diagnostic products and services. We intend to provide the total solution products of automated molecular in vitro diagnostic kits for early screening, disease in Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture, Fisheries, Agricultural and Humans. Diagnomics intends to partner with various Academic Institutions, Universities to develop a number of specialised diagnostics and the products based on, PCR, Real Time PCR and Next Generation Sequencing other technology platforms. Diagnomics can also provide NGS individualized customization service and Sanger sequencing service.
11. Spark Biologics, Chennai
Our focus area is immune modulation to improve health outcomes. We are into developing polyclonal antibodies against viral infections, and into probiotic foods to improve immunity and gut health.
Innovative Products Developed: Ginger bug soda (useful for calming IBS, nausea), White turmeric bug soda (anti-inflammatory, detoxing), Turmeric big soda (helps alleviate depression, arthritis pain among others). All the sodas are probiotic, promote digestive health, and boost immunity. They are available in a plethora of flavours
Products Under Development: We are developing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 as an injectable formulation.
12. Chimertech Education LLP, Vellore
Chimertech Education LLP focus on development of lab on chip assay for Veterinary and Healthcare applications Molecular assays that can be performed with minimal user input but provide fast and highly accurate results are available for the detection of leptospirosis and brucellosis. Innovations in the delivery of these POC tests will ensure widespread access to diagnostics so that farmer/patients can benefit from evidence-based treatment at the same visit. POC reader technology can securely transmit remote testing results directly to proximate clinical services, decreasing loss to follow-up and improving linkage and retention to care. Most of the rapid assays lack sensitivity and specificity in a remote setting. Rapid point of care assay for both leptospirosis and brucellosis can only detect qualitatively providing yes or no information. OBSTIA - Lab on Chip assay for bovine infections
13. GA-Biouram, Chennai
GA BIOURAM, Startup provide need based rural technology for the production of value-added products to support sustainable agriculture, improve efficiency and profitability. Earthworm plays a major role in organic waste management and production of vermicompost. Vermicompost prepared by the activity of earthworm consists of humified earthworm cast, organic matter and large population of beneficial microorganisms. Our aim is to develop value added products using vermicompost as carrier that can support sustainable agriculture.
14. Mooris Clean Cold Air Systems, Chennai
Mooris Clean Cold Air Systems (MCCAS) focuses on modular Clean Room Project, Construction and the Clean Room Equipment, Design, Tools Development and samples taken. Portable cost-effective automatic Sanitizer Dispenser is also produced
3D printed Sanitizer Dispenser
We also produced the sanitizer dispenser. Our product Portable cost-effective automatic sanitizer dispenser is in demand during the COVID 19 period. Our product is touch free, it is much needed to disinfect our hand and to tackle COVID-19.
15. ASS Enterprises, Chennai
Nature of innovation and its impact We are planning to produce Sugar free chocolates enriched with omega 3 fatty acids. Normal chocolate can considerably increase an individual calorie intake and may lead to weight gain and obesity. But our product is made for organic and sugar free basics and also loaded with nutrients that can good for your health.
In this generation, people are more conscious about their health segments especially, the age between 35 to 55 age category people. Organic and nutritious and our product easily attracts people.
Burfi is the highly consumable product in our country. Yearly burfi products have 30 crores turnover in the Indian market. We conducted a market survey and found that mostly jaggery burfis are only available in 80% of outlets. Hence, we are planning to produce Choco burfi which is a fresh concept that can easily get the market shares. And we get the market share of dairy chocolate.
16. Bonavi Foods Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
We are a startup company developing Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate added with selected spices to have the powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. Widely used in Ayurveda for its Benefits.
17. CITRUS Agro-Vet Tech, Namakkal
CITRUS Agro-Vet Tech - is the startup Research Organization offers feed additives and feed additive concepts for the animal nutrition, currently we manufacturing the quality of herbal poultry feed supplement that is prepared using herbal formulations and its available in powder form.
18. Zip Plast Surgical Enterprises, Chennai
Our product will be an alternative solution for most of the surgical incisions and lacerations of the cattle and human from the legacy painful methods like sutures, staples, etc.. This product will also be Cost effective and time saving procedure which will be comfortable to use, monitor the wound healing and easy to remove and also for disposal(biodegradable).
19. Thiru Vengaiyamman Skin Research Center, Thiruvannamalai
Medicinal plants have long been utilized in traditional medicine as the richest bio resource for drug molecules. Our aim is to explore the novel bio molecules from traditional medicinal herbs and to evaluate its efficacy in treating various skin diseases. These herbal formulations will be promising alternatives to replace an existing synthetic drug.
20. Vanbro Vet Technologies, Chennai
Vanbro Vet Technologies is a Startup initiative to develop, Wearable Devices for Veterinary by making use of Wireless Sensors, IOT and Algorithm with deep Veterinary Knowledge for Livestock.
Details of innovative products under development are
1. Intra-vaginal Wearable devices for dairy Cows and Buffaloes to identify the Oestrus and the Right time of Insemination through Wireless Sensors, IOT process and Veterinary aided Algorithms
2. A tail band to detect the Pulse, Temperature and Saturated Oxygen in dairy animals
3. A Rumen/ Reticulum Boli to detect the Rumen pH, Temperature and motility through wireless Sensors.
21. Statlogic India Private Limited, Bangalore
We are a deep-tech company addressing the gaps in smallholder dairy production through our proprietary livestock big data platform. The platform enables location-specific, decision insights that helps farmers to increase cattle productivity, and gain easier access to institutional finance for cattle financing.
22. Aqgromalin Farmtech Services Pvt. Ltd., Krishnagiri
Aqgromalin is a farm diversification integrator. We aim to increase farmer income, especially small landholders, by enabling them to diversify into Animal Husbandry and Aquaculture. We provide access to all required input materials, technical instruments, training and support to immediately start operations. We offer a guaranteed buy-back price for their produce.