Veterinary Incubation Foundation (VIF) @ TANUVAS - A Section 8 company of Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CIN No. U73100TN2018NPL123600)
Veterinary Incubation Foundation (VIF) @ TANUVAS
Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University
Ground Floor, CUL Building
Madhavaram Milk Colony
TANUVAS, Chennai - 51
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1. Tropical Animal Genetics Pvt.Ltd., Gurugram
Tropical Animal Genetics Pvt. Ltd., (TAG) is a biotechnology company pioneering innovations in the field of animal sciences. Our goal is to ensure that future generations have a sustainable and affordable supply of animal protein. Our specialization includes Animal Genetics (Bovine), Embryo Technology, Semen Sorting, IVF, In Vitro Breeding; Technology enabled AI ecosystem (TAI), Lactation induction in barren animal, Animal Health, Dairy Farming, aqua farming & Poultry
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2. Chimertech Innovation LLP, Vellore
Chimertech Innovations LLP focus on developing rapid, point of care and non-invasive theranostic technologies catering to the needs of healthcare providers and farmers with precision and cost-efficiency as the prime objectives.
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3. Jeshron Biotech Solution Pvt.Ltd., Chennai
Jeshron Biotech Solutions Pvt Ltd focus on developing Nanoparticle coated surface disinfectant, Wound healing smart bandage for veterinary application,Novelbiodegradable packaging solution for meat products with sensing capabilities able to determine the quality of fresh meat.Innovative solutions provider for farmers consumer to overcome challenges, to enhancing the health of farm & companion animals.
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4. Illume Gene India LLP, Bangalore
Our Purpose is to enable one stop solution to complex life science investigation, by simplifying the supply chain, with clear outlook on highest quality in our offerings.To drive sustained expansion in our offering we are actively forging collaborations with global scientific organizations and OEM partnerships.
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5. SCADA Geoinformatics Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
6. Praani Plus, Chennai
7. Dvara E-Dairy Solutions, Chennai
Dvara E-Dairy Solutions is one of the incubatee companies of Dvara Trust. More than 90% of the cattle population in India is with small dairy farmers and income from dairy meets their livelihood. However the penetration of cattle loan and insurance is 6% and 4% respectively. We provide solution for cattle identity, cattle scoring and cattle health management leveraging new-age technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The digital solution enables dairy farmers access to financial products, monitor health of cattle and increase their income. Dvara E-Dairy solution partners with financial institutions to scale and track their cattle portfolio.
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8. TranScience Innovative Technologies, Chennai
9. Ariviya Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Thanjavur
Ariviya is a Research and Development Startup, driving the mission towards Lab to Market. Ariviya innovates a novel idea called NAxPoly Technology which act as a platform to explores the biggest scientific challenge in dairy, agriculture and healthcare industries. Our people We are a group of passionate professionals operating towards our goal of making sustainable organic, agriculture and dairy possible. Research and innovation Research and innovation is the central theme for the success of Ariviya. We apply lean canvas methodology for generating a product in the Research & Devleopment laboratory. We work closely with a worldwide network of farmers, academics, national accredited facilities, and scientists.
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10. Diagnomics (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
11. Spark Biologics, Chennai
12. Chimertech Education LLP, Vellore
13. GA-Biouram, Chennai
14. Mooris Clean Cold Air Systems, Chennai
15. ASS Enterprises, Chennai
16. Bonavi Foods Pvt. Ltd., Chennai