A Section 8 company of Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CIN No. U73100TN2018NPL123600)
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Veterinary Incubation Foundation @ TANUVAS

Veterinary Incubation Foundation (VIF) @ TANUVAS is a Section 8 company located at Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai. VIF@TANUVAS has been established with the financial support of Entrepreneurship Development and Innovation Institute (EDII), Chennai, Government of Tamil Nadu, BIRAC-BioNEST, Govt. of India and State fund for Strengthening of VIF@TANUVAS, Government of Tamil Nadu for nurturing start-up companies and entrepreneurs in the area of veterinary, animal sciences and allied sectors.

Veterinary Incubation Foundation @ TANUVAS
State-of-the-art Lab Facility

TANUVAS has sophisticated instruments such as Freeze dryer, Live imaging, Clean room facility, 2D Gel system, Confocal microscope, Flow cytometer, Cell culture lab, BSL-2 laboratory, BSL-3 laboratory, Small and large animal experiementation facility

Farm Facility

TANUVAS – Livestock farm complex hosts Piggery Unit, Sheep and Goat Units, Cattle and Buffalo Units, EMU Unit, Farm Waste Management Unit, Fodder Unit and Animal Science Park

Clinical Facility
For studies in Endoscopy and Ultrasonography, Cardiology, Radiology and Physiotherapy, Arthroscopy and Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Operation Theatre Services, Canine Breeding, Large Animal Clinical Services
Laboratory Animal Facility

We provide rats, mice, guinea pigs at Laboratory Animal Medicine (LAM) unit for clinical Trial and Validation. We also provide rabbits at the University Research Farm (TANUVAS) for the same.

What our customers say

Office space and lab space
Farm facilities
Clinical facilities
Linkages for legal, IP and financial services
Linkage with angel investors and venture capitalists
Workshops on entrepreneurship development and leadership
Seed funding support